We are passionate about technology and innovation. After some years of research, we have developed and patented a new technology allowing the freezing, cooling or heating of any space to the desired JIT temperature-controlled environment with only a small initial charge, and allowing several days of autonomy.

Technological benefits

Patented BiofreshTech technology

Autonomous cooling without power supply for >24h

Zero noise and zero emissions

Electric vehicle compatible

High temperature stability and recovery rate

Cost reduction by shifting the cooling load to the lowest consumption hrs.

20+ year life cycle and reduced maintenance costs

Around the world



  • United States
    • Thermo King- Cooling logistics
    • Carrier– Cooling logistics
  • Mexico
    • Refrigeración Starr- Pharma fridge NTA/Wal-Mart, Outdoor events cooler
    • Frost-Trol- refrigeration cabinets
  • Colombia
    • Refrimarket-Popsy– Freezer cabinet


  • Spain
    • STEELINOX– Bakery Refrigerators
    • ASFRI– Cooler for outdoor events
    • FROST-TROL– Refrigeration cabinets
    • LAPINEDALAB– Residential and Domestic Climate Control
  • Italy
    • FIC- Cooling logistics


  • United Arab Emirates
    • Frost-Trol- Refrigeration cabinets

Our team

Our team comprises of qualified and experienced specialists who are passionate about innovation. Through our generation of disruptive solutions, we are committed to apply these to the market to improve our society. We want to make technological innovation visible to the end user.

Javier Guillén

Director R+D & Cofounder
Chemical Engineer
Expert in innovative Cold Chain Solutions
Extensive experience in the industrial sector.
Developer of BIOFRESHTECH´s patented technology.

Rafael Matamoros

CEO & Cofounder
Degree in Marketing
Extensive experience in ventures. Strategic manager of different Logistic Projects at European level.

Luis Frias

Expansion Director & Cofounder
President and CEO of Grupo Asmen Logística Integral.
Expert in logistics solutions and business development in the transport sector.
Master of Business Administration MBA

Álvaro Pérez

CEO Assistant
Degree in Commercial Management and Marketing by ESIC
Extensive experience as Export Area Manager in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Sales director at Pecomark SA.

Paulo David

Cofounder & Board Member
Business Administration and General Managment for European University
High Performance Leadership por IMD Business School
MBA International Business and Marketing por EUDEM
MBA Executive Management por EUDEM
Extensive experience as an entrepreneur and director of leading global multinationals including international VP, CEO and Board Positions

Paulo David

Supermarket Global Market Manager
MBA by the Company’s Institute
Extensive experience in the Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration sector.

Per Lokkegaard

Commercial Director & Cofounder
MBA by ESADE Business School
BPSE by IMD Business School
Vast international commercial and top-management experience from leading global multinationals including international VP, CEO and Board Positions

Carlos Díaz de Argandoña

Director of Operations

Industrial Engineer
Extensive experience in the management of public and private companies.




Biofresh Tech presentation in Mexico

Public presentation (February 2) in Mexico City of the pilot developed by BiofreshTech with the local company Refrigeración STARR under the TechEmerge program of the IFC (International Finance [...]

Meeting with IFC in Washington DC

Meeting of Rafael Matamoros and Álvaro Pérez in Washington DC, on January 31, 2022, with the heads of the IFC-World Bank Group, Selçuk Tanatar (Principal Operations Officer) and Kristina Turilova [...]

85% Reduction of CO2 Emissions

The Valencian technology BiofreshTech, with seven international patents filed in thermal storage systems and Mercadona; are testing since June in a vehicle of the delivery fleet of Valencia [...]

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